Our Belief

Our definition of success is your success. As a committed engineering services partner, we will combine our expertise and innovation strength with yours to create solutions that add value, are of high quality and are reliable and meet your product development needs in a comprehensive manner.

We are a private limited company and as a business entity we are not encumbered by external shareholders or financiers and to satisfy them, we are free to think and execute for ourselves and our clients. The result is clear-sighted, thoughtful decision about our priorities as a business, as an employer and as individuals.


Engineers at Zuti are highly motivated and work with great commitment and focus to realize projects to customer satisfaction. They have advanced degrees in engineering and have multi-disciplinary skill base in engineering, simulation technologies, manufacturing engineering, embedded electronics and software development. We consistently promote in improving our employees technical know-how and qualifications. Zuti continuously invests in the professional development of its employees, in technical as well as a personal manner.



Our project network consists of high end engineering workstations for mechanical design and simulation modeling from HP and DELL  linked by a secure Gigabit Ethernet network.

The High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure consists of multi-core HP Itanium and Xeon based blade clusters integrated through PBS-Pro dynamic load balancing and job submission software. Simulation jobs can be submitted and monitored anytime by engineers through our secure intranet portal. We have capability to simulate complex and compute-intensive jobs such as full vehicle crash, CFD and multi-disciplinary optimization studies with a quick turnaround time.


Zuti has the capability to establish internal and external secure communication links enabling large data transfers (ftp) and communication with clients in real-time. Through messaging and online meetings, we can seamlessly communicate and collaborate in an extended virtual office. Zuti uses a company-wide secure intranet with micro-blogging for much of its internal communication and knowledge sharing.

Data Security and Confidentiality

At the outset, we understand the proprietary nature of our client’s work and assure to protect their confidentiality and intellectual property. We have implemented a secure data infrastructure facilitating data storage and project archival as per client’s requirements in a secure manner. All of our employees are bound by NDA/IP agreements.

Knowledge Network

Zuti encourages and fosters a culture of team work and knowledge sharing and is key component of its innovation strategy. We facilitate cross-group technical discussions and activities in support of projects and is further aided by its formal intranet to disseminate project knowledge on-demand. The objective of the network is to deliver firm’s expertise to customers project innovation.